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Product Name:Wom Gear Ventilation Valve
Product Classification:Butterfly valves
Product Introduction: Our factory produce the ventilation valve with welded steel plate manufacture. The valve driving torque is small, open and closes a flexible, easy to operate. Valve Oil Seal Collar set, no visible gap between the seal pair, a small leakage rate. Butterfly valve plate and the expansion gap between the big, can effectively prevent the shrinkage due to temperature changes caused by the phenomenon of choked to death. The valve can be equipped with a variety of driving devices, such as manual devices, worm gear, pneumatic devices, and electrical devices. Ventilation butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, the division of, electric power, building materials, mining and other industrial pipeline gas to the media, control or regulates gas.
Description Parameters Size Chart Application
1. Valve Design according to GB12235-59
2.Structural length according to GB12221-89
3. Flange dimensions according to JB/T79--94
4.Valve inspection and test according to GB13927

Main parameter

Main parts material


There are the following jobs to do while installing the valve
(1)Clean cavity and the sealing surface; dirt adhesion is not allowed.
(2)Check whether the conjunction of the thread is evenly tightened.
(3)Check whether the packing is compressed in order to keep the seal of the packing.
(4)Check whether the switch button and the porous socket of the electric device are in normal condition when installing the electric valve
(5)Check whether the electrical devices function well
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