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2011 first valve technology conferences
Beijing high pressure valve 2011-11-15
fgtjnThe workshop is the first study FaMenJie meetings, in this industry leading technical information and interpersonal communication festival of, and more than 200 process industries (oil and gas), petrochemical, chemical, power generation, offshore and Marine areas of professional valves of the technical and commercial personnel to provide about their product of the latest information. The meeting experts explain seriously, the participants active discussion. Find problems and puts forward methods to solve the problem.
2011 is the "1025" plan of the beginning of the oil industry and its equipment manufacturing industry facing new development opportunities. Industry enterprise insist on self innovation especially original and new development way, to high-end manufacturing transformation, accelerate informatization construction: the transformation to the green manufacturing, and promote the low carbon development: to modern service manufacturing transformation, conquers leading development, and give full play to the comparative advantage, from system mechanism and management to become the competitive advantage, for the future development of the industry to provide more strong power
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